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Our clients are businesses that are looking to not only capitalise on the phenomenon of connectivity, but also share its benefits with employees, partners and customers. The core of our business is in bringing productivity and efficiency changes through data management.

Upon this cornerstone we build all other solutions and enhancements for our clients. The verticals we are currently addressing include factories and manufacturing entities.


Kompress.AI is a predictive maintenance and energy-saving solution specifically customized for industrial air compressors and its applications. This provides monitoring of critical parameters and analytics to derive specific performance and utilization insights.

It can be integrated with any existing ERP/data management IOT layer already available on the shop floor or factory. We currently work directly with many leading air compressor manufacturers and also global industry users of compressors such as Oil&Gas, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals,Bottling Plants,Drilling and Construction, and Cement. 

We also provide retrofitting to existing installations.

Custom R&D Solutions

End to End solution from data acquisition to visualisation using AI to track assets anytime, anywhere.

We believe maintenance should be proactive & not reactive.

we are currently working with customised requirements for specific use cases to provide a live feed on how critical equipments are performing and drive increased efficiencies and cost savings.

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