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Our clients are businesses that are looking to not only capitalise on the phenomenon of connectivity, but also share its benefits with employees, partners and customers. The core of our business is in bringing productivity and efficiency changes through data management.

Upon this cornerstone we build all other solutions and enhancements for our clients. The verticals we are currently addressing include factories and manufacturing entities.

Machine Vision Solutions

Customised machine vision system that can be adapted to any product to perform quality inspection.

We understand that there is zero tolerance from consumers towards flawed products.

Using Machine Vision systems combined with Machine Learning algorithms, we customise quality inspection to be automised to help you reduce and even eliminate defective products.

Pairing the latest cameras with advanced machine learning techniques we are able to provide a host of solutions.

  • Surface defect detection
  • Product classification and counting.
  • Assembly sequence monitoring.
  • Dimension checks.
  • Missing part detection.

Our solutions are deployed across various industries spanning from foundries to assembly units; making a difference in the manufacturing sector.

Remote Monitoring of Assets

End to End solution from data acquisition to visualisation using AI to track assets anytime, anywhere.

We believe maintenance should be proactive & not reactive.

Through our end-to-end IoT Boutique Solutions, we take care of your assets on the field & provide alerts wherever & whenever necessary.

we are currently working with air compressors , diesel generator, and drilling rig manufacturers across the globe to provide them a live feed on how their equipment is performing. This using preset parameters and easy to adapt to other monitoring solutions.

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